We Owe Our Jobs to Peter DeFazio

We Owe Our Jobs to Peter DeFazio

December 3, 2021 - House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR) announced Wednesday that he wouldn’t seek reelection, capping off 36 years in Congress, all of them spent on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.

“From the first day he served in Congress, Flight Attendants have always been able to count on Chair Peter DeFazio,” said AFA President Sara Nelson. “It’s hard to quantify how much DeFazio means to Flight Attendants. Our careers simply wouldn’t be the same without him. From fines and penalties for disruptive passengers and sexual assault, to evacuation standards and staffing requirements to stopping the spraying of poisonous pesticides in the cabin to fighting for child restraint seats for our youngest passengers to aircraft certification standards and oversight to ensure aircraft are safe and increasing Flight Attendant minimum rest to fight fatigue, he’s been a champion for our jobs and the health and safety of passengers and crew onboard.”

“But the past two years with DeFazio as Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Flight Attendants and aviation workers had exactly the right person in charge during the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced. Without a doubt, we owe our jobs and a functioning airline industry to Peter DeFazio.” Read our full statement.

In 2015, the AFA Board of Directors unanimously voted to make Rep. DeFazio an honorary member of AFA. 

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