Well Done AFA Members!

Well Done AFA Members - See You June 16

Date: June 12, 2015

thank you

Moments ago we won the vote against Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) that would have been paid for by robbing Medicare. The House next passed Fast Track, but without TAA it doesn't match the Senate bill. This means we stopped Fast Track today! You were a part of this monumental outcome.

But let's be clear - the only reason this issue has been so hard to beat is the money and power of corporations in our politics. We cannot rest for even a minute if we are going to beat this Goliath for good.

For today though, take in what we have done together. We did this with other union members, with faith, environmental and human rights groups. We built a massive coalition in our communities. We must continue to stand together because those who will profit from this bill will stop short of nothing to get it.

Keep the calls to Congress going...

And, come out to the picket line on Tuesday to demonstrate that we are not just playing defense, we are standing together to push our careers forward! Check for the latest details on our June 16 picketing at 11 am local time at airports around the country. Stand proud - Stronger Together, Better Together!

Bridge The Gap June 16 Day Of Action








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