100,000 Flight Attendants Pushing Our Careers Forward

100,000 Flight Attendants Pushing Our Careers Forward

Worldwide Flight Attendant Day of Action - February 13, 2024

January 3, 2024 — Flight Attendants across the industry are fighting to raise the standards for our career. More than two-thirds of the U.S. Flight Attendants are in contract negotiations right now, including red-hot contract fights at Alaska, Air Wisconsin, United, Omni, American, Southwest, Frontier, PSA, Mesa and more. Frontier Flight Attendants are fighting a doomed business plan that will hurt operations and shift major costs to Flight Attendants.

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This moment is not about what uniform we wear: It's about what unites us. Our Unity transcends airlines. Our time on the job must be compensated. We have earned long-term security and benefits. We need flexibility and control of our lives. Legacy sexism that traditionally devalued our jobs must be stamped out and replaced with the true value of our work. Like every other worker around the world, we need to go to work to live, not just live to work. We are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the landmark contracts that reflect the profits our work creates. Together, 100,000 Flight Attendants are pushing our careers forward this year — battling corporate greed.

Join us on Tuesday, February 13, at more than 30 airports for a worldwide day of action and picketing event. It's our turn.

Flight Attendants industry-wide keep our airlines operating. We have an opportunity to shape the trajectory of our industry for years to come. Our picketing and other solidarity events are growing: the flying public and media have never been so engaged and supportive of our fight. We need to build on that momentum and show airline management industry-wide that we will get our fair share.

From Anchorage to Miami, Los Angeles to Baltimore, and London to Guam, the strength we draw from our solidarity is immeasurable. We will:

Amplify Our Voices: Together, our fight echoes louder, reaching farther across the industry and influencing change.

Leverage Collective Bargaining Power: Our combined force enhances our ability to negotiate better improvements.

Picketing and other solidarity events play a pivotal role in our fight: We keep our message visible and engage passengers and the media, spotlighting our collective struggle. Our involvement is crucial. The public, the press, and management will now hear 100,000 Flight Attendants speaking with one collective voice.

Join us on February 13 for picketing at over 30 airports worldwide. Stand in solidarity with us to demand that airline management stop the stall tactics and negotiate the contracts we are due.

In Solidarity, 


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