Safety, Security, and Jobs Protected – #LockoutNeverAgain

While Flight Attendants are relieved to avoid a continued shutdown, we must work to ensure it never happens again. Our safety and security is not a political game.

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Airline Industry Warns Of Harm From Shutdown

Flight Attendant Union Statement on Deal to Avert Continued Shutdown (Feb 15, 2019)

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Aviation Labor Unions Highlight Growing Safety, Security Concerns As Shutdown Drags On (Jan 24)

Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Flight Attendants Detail Serious Safety Concerns Due to Shutdown (Jan 23)

Entire Airline Industry Calling for End to Shutdown and Detailing Impact (Jan 10)

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General Strike: The Fierce Urgency of Now (Jan 20)

Celebrating Black History Month:
Linda F. Farrow, AFA Leader

AFA celebrates Linda F. Farrow, who gave 47 years to all of us across the industry as she faithfully fought for us and helped build our career. We are so grateful to all who worked to make this such a beautiful event for family, friends, and all of us who learned so much from Linda.

2Hot2Cold: Reporting Extreme Temps

Most airline passengers have suffered from uncomfortable temperatures on airplanes, often sweltering on the ground and then shivering in the air. But now they can help build the case for establishing rules to keep airplane temperatures within reasonable limits. A new mobile app – called 2Hot2Cold – allows passengers and flight crews to document and report extreme temperatures in aircraft cabins.

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