Celebrating AAPI Month: Recognizing James Kaneshiro

Celebrating AAPI Month: Recognizing James Kaneshiro

May 9, 2022 — Jim has dedicated his career to strengthening and moving our profession forward. From serving as Local President in HNL to Grievance and Mobilization Chair in Council 21, he’s worked on many campaigns, including but not limited to unionizing gate agents, baggage handlers, express and foreign carriers. Jim earned a reputation of being a skilled organizer and fierce fighter for Flight Attendant rights. 

Former LEC President of Council 14: Jim was elected and served as President of Council 14 in the 90s where he earned himself the reputation of being a skilled mobilizer through his ability to coordinate multiple campaigns to support and move forward and strengthen the Flight Attendant profession. In the 90s when Flight Attendants were demonstrating at a Golf Classic in HNL, Jim rallied the Unionized camera operators to angle their camera shots in such a way as to “catch” the demonstrating Flight Attendants in the background behind the golfer at tee. United was a sponsor of the golf tournament. Jim also coordinated a surprise audit of all HNL inflight supervisor’s FAOM’s in response to an increase in Flight Attendants audits by HNL base management. The Flight Attendant manual audits HNL management immediately ceased.

Former Grievance Chair in Council 21: Jim supported Flight Attendants in the hearing of their grievances clearing up a backlog of unheard Flight Attendant grievances by ensuring Flight Attendants grievances had equal importance with Company filed grievances. He built up the committee of one to a volunteer base of around 8. He was and continues to be an endless resource to the Officers and the volunteers of AFA.

Mobilization Chair in Council 21: Jim was instrumental in the success of AFA during the Representational Campaign. He worked endless hours coordinating communications and executing multiple teams at airports and at phone banks across the system. He mentored and led multitudes of new and experienced volunteers who have, in return, served or continue to serve AFA and CWA today.

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