AFA Congratulates JetBlue Flight Attendants

AFA Congratulates JetBlue Flight Attendants

Congratulations to JetBlue Flight Attendants for voting to join TWU today!

The 50,000 members of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA stand with you. When all Flight Attendants unite together, we can make change, lift up our careers, and lead the discussion on what’s possible for working people when we come together.

JetBlue Flight Attendants chose to gain power by joining our union family for a strong future at JetBlue.

Unions exist to address big issues, issues that individual workers cannot begin to address on their own. AFA International President Sara Nelson offered a letter of support on their election and we are thrilled that they chose to claim the power she talked about in that letter.

Always remember, we are Stronger and Better Together. Today is a great day for the strength of Flight Attendants!

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