AFA Statement on American Airlines Premium Passenger Video

Washington, DC (February 17, 2019) — The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) President Sara Nelson released the following statement on American Airlines premium passenger event video:

"Culture is set from the top. It is not enough to say this event "was not sanctioned by the airline." American Airlines must take action to denounce a culture of harassment and objectification of Flight Attendants. Leadership is needed to provide a healthy, safe environment for the women and men who work and fly with American. This must include a clear message to everyone that sexual harassment of anyone will not be tolerated at the airline.

"We join with our sisters and brothers at APFA in calling on American Airlines to answer questions about how this AA passenger event could have happened and set a new course free of harassment. 

"Over a year ago, AFA challenged the airline industry to denounce the decades-old objectification of Flight Attendants and pledge a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment. United, Alaska and Spirit stepped up. American has yet to do so. This video is a wake-up call for American to confront this issue head-on. 

"Sexual harassment isn't about sex, it's about power. The timing of this sketch could not be more out of sync with Flight Attendants' role and importance in our country. In recent weeks, Flight Attendants played a key role in defending the safety and security of the passengers in our care.

"We are aviation's first responders and last line of defense. Period."

AFA represents 50,000 Flight Attendants at 20 airlines, including over 3,000 Flight Attendants at American's three wholly-owned subsidiaries Envoy, PSA and Piedmont.





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