Alaska-Hawaiian Merger Meeting

Alaska-Hawaiian Merger Meeting

February 6, 2024 — On February 2, 2024, our International President convened the AFA-CWA Constitutional Section X Merger meeting with the Alaska and Hawaiian Master Executive Councils (MEC) in Los Angeles. This includes the directly elected Local Council Presidents and MEC officers at each airline. Our AFA professionals from Legal, Collective Bargaining, Government Affairs, and Communications were in attendance to support the elected Flight Attendant representatives, as well as AFA’s financial analyst/economist. 

The group met to thoroughly review the details of the proposed merger, our union’s merger policy and protections for Flight Attendants as well as a legal review of the merger process. Finally, we had a discussion about our support or opposition of the proposed Alaska-Hawaiian merger. 

Together the Flight Attendant leadership from both airlines unanimously passed a resolution that sets clear demands to management for what is required if our union is to support, rather than oppose, this merger. The demands include: 

  1. The AFA Alaska industry leading contract management has promised.
  2. A merger protocol agreement with detailed protections for all Flight Attendants such as:
    • “no furlough” protections, 
    • no displacements (everyone maintains their base assignment), 
    • a fence/metal agreement to protect the respective flying prior to the operational merger, 
    • an “adopt and go” / “adopt and amend” expedited joint contract negotiations that yields improvements for all Flight Attendants just like management and shareholders, 
    • and other protections specific to this proposed merger including AFA representative involvement in safety and service modifications.

Read the full resolution.

The Alaska and Hawaiian MECs will reconvene on March 25th for a status update, and again on April 26th, to review management’s action/inaction to determine whether our union will support or oppose the proposed merger.

Action: RSVP for the Worldwide Day of Action next Tuesday, February 13th! 

AFA Alaska Strike Vote: Our solidarity is our power. Every Alaska Flight Attendant has a chance to back up our negotiators and make your voice heard with your strike vote. VOTE NOW and/or make sure your friends and flying partners have cast their votes. Visit the AFA Alaska Strike Vote page to get more info.

Mergers are a long process with many steps. If this merger happens, it will not happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or maybe this year . We will keep you closely updated and involved throughout the process. If you have questions, take a look at the Q and A we compiled based on common questions. If your question isn’t there, let us know what’s on your mind so we can address it.

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