AFA-CWA Strong in the Fight Against Alzheimer's

AFA-CWA Strong in the Fight Against Alzheimer's

"Fighting Alzheimer's is a personal cause for the members of AFA. Flight Attendants are natural caregivers, and many have directly faced the effects of Alzheimer’s with their loved ones. On the plane, we encounter situations or passenger conflicts that may occur when people are exhibiting behaviors caused by Alzheimer's or dementia. The resources provided by the Alzheimer's Association can help us do our job, assist us in our personal lives, and even help us recognize early signs of Alzheimer's or dementia in someone close to us.

"The decision to help raise awareness and support the Alzheimer's Association was adopted unanimously by AFA leaders from 20 airlines at our annual convention. Prior to the vote several leaders shared personal stories about how Alzheimer's has affected them and their families, painful stories about devastating losses. Flight attendants flying to every corner of the world have a unique opportunity to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's. When flight attendants wear the purple ribbon on their uniforms and people ask about it we can share information and connect them with the resources that are offered by the Alzheimer's Association. We are eager to make a difference." - AFA International President Sara Nelson

AFA-CWA is Raising Awareness and Showing Support for all those affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia. This is our way of saying: We will not give up. We will not back down. We will defeat Alzheimer's — and we need you on our team!

Stand Strong & help End Alzheimer's! Join our team for The Longest Day >

From June 1- June 30th, we will show our support in the Fight Against Alzheimer's. Ask your Local AFA leader for purple ribbon to wear behind your union pin to show support.

You can participate from anywhere — and do anything! Join us and do what you love to honor those facing Alzheimer's. 

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