Bridge The Gap

Bridge the Gap means ending the discriminatory wage and work rule policies that Flight Attendants at regional carriers face compared to those of mainline Flight Attendants.  We are all aviation’s first responders, ensuring passenger’s health, safety and security. All Flight Attendants deserve to be treated and paid equally.

About the Bridge the Gap campaign

Wherever any Flight Attendant is discriminated against, it affects our entire profession. We all want higher pay, better rest and work rules, affordable health care and a reasonable retirement.

Mainline management, who slashed pay and benefits through bankruptcy, are now using their post-merger consolidation to pit workers against each other.

Management has transferred routes to regional airlines and with it Flight Attendant jobs move to a structure with 45% less pay and benefits where we serve the same passengers paying the same ticket price to travel those routes.

And, there’s so much more than wages at stake, such as fighting fatigue. We all need adequate work rules to perform as aviation's first responders.

Discrimination only exists if we fail to act when we think it doesn't affect us individually. We must work together in solidarity to support each other and end discrimination that will undercut our careers. Equal pay for equal work - we will all do better together.

Currently, regional airlines perform 40% of the lift under mainline flags, yet the Flight Attendants flying regional carriers make 45% less on average than their counterparts flying the mainline airlines. In addition to being an issue of equality, this wage gap has the potential to drag down the entire Flight Attendant career. If one Flight Attendant isn't paid equally, all Flight Attendants are in jeopardy of not receiving equal and fair treatment. Follow #BridgeTheGap on Twitter, or check back here on this website, and be on the lookout for an event coming to an airport near you soon!

Bridge the Gap - Day of Action

June 16, 2015

Photos and videos of the event >

We are conducting a System-Wide Day of Action informational picket with Flight Attendants throughout the industry and at airports across the country on June 16, 2015. Be a part of sending a powerful message to the negotiating table at all airlines: We are united for our careers and ready to lift standards across the industry.

Media Release (June 16, 2015)

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