Eastern Airlines Flight Attendants File to Join AFA

Eastern Airlines Flight Attendants File to Join AFA

March 18, 2022 - This week, we filed for an election with the Eastern Airlines Flight Attendants! Eastern Flight Attendants demonstrated overwhelming support for AFA with signed authorization cards asking for an election. Now they eagerly await the National Mediation Board to call for an election.

Hear why they're organizing with AFA!

“I am voting for AFA because as a company we need to bridge the gap between those who make the decision and those of us who are most affected by them,” said Jasmine, Eastern Flight Attendant. “And introducing a union to our airline will not only create a voice for flight attendants. It will help produce a balance to help eradicate biased directives and foster change where all parties feel considered and understood so we can move together as a country to create a better tomorrow.”

Eastern Flight Attendants are organizing for a voice on the job, safety, humane duty and rest rules, and adequate pay and healthcare.

Following a bankruptcy and restructuring, Dynamic International Airways obtained a license from Swift Air to use the Eastern name. Dynamic was then rebranded as Eastern Airlines. Today, Eastern Airlines operates as a scheduled carrier employing 65 U.S.-based and 35 International-based Flight Attendants in Miami, New York, Ecuador, Guyana, and Venezuela.

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