We Cannot and Will Not Risk Another Lockout

Flight Attendant Union Statement on Deal to Avert Continued Shutdown (Feb 15)

  • Our safety and security is not a political game - never put it in jeopardy again.
  • Pass legislation to end the practice of legislating policy through the budgeting process. Never lock workers out again.
  • Back pay for all federal workers and contractors.
  • Improve federal labor law so workers can protest injustice without retaliation.

Call to Action

AFA-CWA BOD Resolution: Lockout Never Again

Food inspectors, accident investigators, FBI, park service – they were all without work and unable to ensure our safety. Cafeteria workers, janitors and the million Americans who support the work of our government went without work. They were hurt personally and the hit to our economy is double-digit Billions of dollars. Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor the Fair Compensation for Low-Wage Contractor Employees Act.

Government is a full set of public services that work together to keep us safe, secure, and our economy moving. There is no partial fix here! We need a fully functioning government and an end to thrusting hard-working, patriotic Americans into the cross hairs of a political game. End this Lockout threat forever. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-2131

February 16 Lockout Never Again Airport Events

Aviation Industry Defines What's At Stake and Action We Will Take

AFA BOD Resolution to Protect Safety, Security, and Jobs (Feb 5)
Flight Attendant Union Statement on Deal on End to Shutdown (Jan 25) 
ATC Staffing Shortage: Can You Hear Me Now? (Jan 25)
CWA President Chris Shelton Statement on Federal Government Shutdown (Jan 25)
Aviation Labor Unions Highlight Growing Safety, Security Concerns As Shutdown Drags On (Jan 24)
Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Flight Attendants Detail Serious Safety Concerns Due to Shutdown (Jan 23)
TWU President To Members: We Must Remain Super Vigilant! (Jan 22)

General Strike: The Fierce Urgency of Now (Jan 20)
Entire Airline Industry Calling for End to Shutdown and Detailing Impact (Jan 10)
Flight Attendants (AFA and APFA) Call for End to Shutdown (Jan 10)

Federal Sector Unions

National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)

Shutdown Impact on Our Country

New House Bill Would Fund FAA During Shutdown (Feb 9)
The single most important pro-labor speech of the shutdown was not given by AOC (Jan 27)
As the Trump shutdown ends, cheers for air travel workers echo across Twitter (Jan 26)
Glad the Shutdown’s Over? Thank Workers, Not Just Nancy Pelosi (Jan 25)
Flight Attendants Are ‘Mobilizing Immediately’ Over Shutdown, Union Says (Jan 25)
So much for the labor movement’s funeral (Jan 25)
What Workers Can Learn From “the Largest Lockout in U.S. History” (Jan 25)
LaGuardia Flights Halted as Shutdown Hits Air-Traffic Staffing (Jan 25)
Alaska Airlines CEO on government shutdown (Jan 24)
Airlines Warn Shutdown Strains are Worsening (Jan 24)
President of Flight Attendants Union Suggests General Strike to End Government Shutdown (Jan 23)

Miami TSA Worker Warns About Dangers of Shutdown (Jan 22)
Outside the Washington circus, shutdown havoc spreads (Jan 22)
Federal law enforcement officers warn of danger in prisons due to Shutdown (Jan 22)
Coast Guard Pleads for Lawmakers to End Shutdown (Jan 22)
Air Traffic Map is Not Partisan (Jan 19)
Government Shutdown's Negative Impact on Federal Cybersecurity (Jan 15)
FBI Agents: Shutdown Threatens National Security (Jan 20)
Flight Attendants Join Air Traffic Controllers and Industry at Rally to Stop the Shutdown (Jan 10)
AFA Statement on Shutdown (Jan 8)
Air Traffic Controllers Condemn Shutdown (Dec 22)

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