TAKE ACTION: Urgent Need to Extend Aviation Jobs Program

TAKE ACTION: Urgent Need to Extend Aviation Jobs Program

January 29, 2021 — As the U.S. and countries around the world ramp up vaccine production and distribution, the end of the pandemic is in sight. But unless Congress acts, recovery will be too late to avoid catastrophe for aviation workers, and the air service infrastructure that will help with this recovery will be pulled apart.

When the Payroll Support Program was created last March, we all expected to be well on the road to recovery by September, 2020. While the current extension through March 2021 started the recall process and restored pay and benefits, it was always intended this was only a bridge to a full recovery. We need a longer runway for vaccine distribution, and job protections in the meantime, to allow recovery to lift off.

Congress must take every action possible to keep more Americans from joining the ranks of the unemployed. We are asking the Biden administration and Congress to extend the PSP through September 30. Mass layoffs will devastate workers, and they will add hundreds of thousands of workers to overwhelmed state unemployment systems. The PSP has been the most efficient, cost-effective program in the COVID relief. It is the ONLY jobs and #WorkersFirst program. Now is not the time to let it expire.

All aviation unions are united on fighting to extend PSP. Read a letter to Congress from AFA and APFA. It is by far the best use of the public’s money, not only providing continued paychecks, but also health insurance, retirement contributions, continued social security contributions, and continued payment of state, local and federal taxes that support other jobs and programs our communities depend on.

Send a letter now and tell Congress that extending the PSP means essential workers stay healthy and safe and the aviation industry remains ready to fully aid in the recovery.

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