Flight Attendant Union Continues to Push for Better Air Quality

afa-media-release-blue-new.pngThe Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) is pushing for improved air quality in aircraft cabins to protect both the crew and the passengers. AFA International President Sara Nelson heads to London this week to steer the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) meeting on cabin air quality.

“AFA continues to lead the fight for better air quality in our aircraft,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson. “Most Americans go to work with the expectation of breathing clean air, but until we achieve better standards for cabin air quality, Flight Attendants don’t have this guarantee.”

AFA’s efforts to improve the cabin environment span the last three decades. From advocating for smoke free skies to today’s current discussions on air quality, AFA remains steadfast. The union advocates that the airline industry either end the use of engine bleed air for cabin air supply or utilize filters to halt the circulation of contaminated air. Current bleed air systems can introduce potentially toxic engine oil fumes into the cabin.

“Tomorrow marks the 25-year anniversary of smoke-free skies on domestic flights,” said Nelson. ”We can all celebrate our smoke free skies on all international and domestic flights, but the smoking ban did not just happen. It came about thanks to AFA’s advocacy and persistent action by our members. AFA is equally committed to and focused on achieving improved standards for cabin air quality.”

“Flight Attendants deserve clean air in their workspace, just as travelers deserve clean air when they travel,” said Nelson.

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The Association of Flight Attendants is the world’s largest Flight Attendant union. Focused 100 percent on Flight Attendant issues, AFA has been the leader in advancing the Flight Attendant profession for 67 years. Serving as the voice for Flight Attendants in the workplace, in the aviation industry, in the media and on Capitol Hill, AFA has transformed the Flight Attendant profession by raising wages, benefits and working conditions. Nearly 60,000 Flight Attendants come together to form AFA, part of the 700,000-member strong Communications Workers of America (CWA), AFL-CIO. Visit us at www.afacwa.org.

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