Flight Attendant Union Fights for Cabin Air Quality

afa-media-release-blue-new.pngThe Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) president at Alaska Airlines, Jeffrey Peterson, released a statement today following news of a cabin air quality lawsuit filed by Alaska Flight Attendants:

“We support our fellow Flight Attendants in their efforts to seek justice after breathing in contaminated air on board the aircraft. Their experience is similar to many others throughout the airline industry who have experienced contaminated air events. In fact, AFA has been fighting for cleaner cabin air for decades while the industry has refused to acknowledge the problem. More recently AFA has been supporting research at the University of Washington to create a blood test that will be able to determine if crew members were poisoned so that proper treatment could begin as soon as possible. Our efforts will continue as we push for sensors and filters to be installed in all aircraft as well as changes to future aircraft design to avoid engine bleed air that can become contaminated. AFA's global efforts to define this problem so it can be fixed  continue until contaminated bleed air has no way into the cabin ever again.”

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