It's 2 Hot!

It's 2 Hot!

July 13, 2023 - Record-breaking high temperatures have spread across the country this week, causing delays and flight cancellations. When it’s too hot, crew and passengers can experience symptoms ranging from the mild (fatigue, dizziness) to moderate (heat exhaustion) to catastrophic (heat stroke).

Extreme temperatures also impact cabin operations, by degrading the crew’s awareness of possible security threats, increasing stress that can lead to air rage, medical emergencies, a return to the gate, and other operational disruptions.

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Make sure you downloaded the 2Hot2Cold app to report extremely hot temperatures.

Download the iPhone/iPad or Android version of the 2Hot2Cold app, install it on your device, and submit reports on extreme temperature incidents you experience onboard flights.

Working together, we will end the scourge of 2Hot2Cold in air travel!

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