Labor Secretary Highlights Union Work if AFA EAP Chair Jennifer Grega

Labor Secretary Highlights Union Work if AFA EAP Chair Jennifer Grega

March 30, 2024 — Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su recognized Jennifer and the important work our union’s EAP program does every single day!

Since February of 1999, Jennifer Grega has gracefully balanced the roles of Flight Attendant, wife, mother, care provider for her own parents and a tireless union volunteer with the Association of Flight Attendant’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Amidst the demand of her profession and home life, Jennifer has devoted over two and a half decades to advocating for, delivering, and overseeing the EAP services that support the well-being of her union siblings at United Airlines.

Shortly after Jennifer became a Flight Attendant, she joined the AFA EAP committee as a local committee member. In this role, Jennifer was responsible for delivering direct services to Flight Attendants struggling with emotional, legal, financial, medical, relationship, substance use, and work-related stressors. Shortly thereafter, her boundless compassion and unwavering believe in the transformative power of selflessness and service prompted her to take on additional responsibility as the local chair of the EAP committee in Washington, D.C. In this role, Jennifer was not only responsible for direct service delivery but also responsible for overseeing and supporting the work of all the other DC EAP committee members. Jennifer’s EAP volunteerism at this time included delivering trauma related services to United Flight Attendants in the aftermath of September 11th.

Over a decade ago, Jennifer’s unwavering commitment to union service and advocacy prompted her to take on yet even more responsibility. Jennifer moved into the Master Executive Level for the EAP committee. In this role, she is responsible for the promotion, operations and enhancement of all the AFA EAP services at United Airlines. Simply stated, she oversees three distinct EAP support programs for approximately 28,000 United Flight Attendants distributed across 13 councils domestically and internationally. Jennifer provides 24/7/365 guidance and mentorship to a volunteer network of over 78 EAP committee members.

She launches specialized assistance services in response to such events as the pandemic, the rise of unruly passengers and disaster evacuation flights. She advocates for Flight Attendant Well-Being by crafting EAP collective bargaining language, through her participation in labor-management partnership programs, by networking with other union assistance programs, by developing EAP education campaigns and by always being a visible participant in any/all union days of action. Under Jennifer’s leadership, nearly one out of every four of her union siblings turn to the AFA EAP for assistance each year. Many turn directly to Jennifer. Last year alone, she assisted 684 Flight Attendants directly.

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