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Dues information for Mesa Flight Attendants

  • Dues are owed each month you are active or the first 3 months of an unpaid leave of absence.
  • If you dues were not deducted in in full for each month you will be invoiced for the difference.
  • The deductions that occur from your 1st of the month and mid-month paychecks each month apply to that month. . Example: January 2023 dues deductions are taken from the 1/1/2023 ($25) and 1/15/2023 ($25) paychecks.
  • Flight Attendants on a leave of absence: Dues are owed for the first 3 months of an unpaid leave of absence. You must pay, set up payment arrangements or request a dues deferral.
  • AFA does not deduct your dues, this is done by your payroll department
  • Your past due balance cannot be deducted by your payroll department
  • Payments can be made online:
  • If you have a question about your dues:

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