National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day

October 11, 2023 — National Coming Out Day, a day when we celebrate and honor our LGBTQ Family and welcome them home.

I am PROUD to be a part of our Union, where I am able to live my truth, everyday as Queer Women of Color and use my voice to elevate those who have been silenced.

Decades before the law caught up, we worked together to negotiate job protections for LGBTQ+ workers and secured domestic partner benefits in contracts. Our solidarity has allowed thousands of Flight Attendants to live authentically as themselves.

We’re proud of our history. And we’re continuing the work to protect our rights and dignity at work, but we still have more to do.

I know personally how important it is that each of us has the right to fully and freely express who we are. And I’m proud that our union is working every day to expand that right to every one of the 50,000 Flight Attendants at 19 airlines who call AFA our union.

Today on National Coming Out day, we are putting airlines on notice, to establish rules that allow each of us to express our gender identity openly and safely. We have provided them with recommendations, like inclusive uniform options, pronoun pins, and appearance rules. Some employers have already adopted our recommendations, and we continue to advocate for others. Our union is working hard today and every day to make sure that every one of us can safely express our full, authentic selves on the job and in our society.

Coming out takes courage. Coming out can be scary, it can be lonely, it can be joyful. You may get lost, but we will never let you lose your way.

No matter who you are, who you were, who you want to or will be. Be YOU.

You are seen.
You are loved.
Today and everyday.
Here and Queer.

In Pride and Solidarity,

Keturah Johnson
AFA International Vice President

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