Oscar Munoz Message to Employees on U.S. Travel Restrictions

Oscar Munoz Message to Employees on U.S. Travel Restrictions

January 30, 2017

Dear United Family,

Many of you experienced firsthand this weekend – and even more of you saw online and on TV – the demonstrations that occurred at airports across the U.S. in response to President Trump’s executive order restricting the entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Thankfully the protests were peaceful and did not affect our operation, due in large measure to the professionalism of all of you working the front line this weekend. 

As I wrote to you last November on the day after the election, United Airlines is as diverse as the communities we serve around the country and the world. We are a company representing every creed and conviction, background and belief. It is these differences that strengthen us and unite us as a company and a country. 

For those of us who are Americans – and that is most of us at this company - we have either descended from immigrants or you have immigrated here yourself. In fact, most of us are enjoying the lives and careers we have today thanks to those who pursued this land of freedom and opportunity before us. 

We play a unique and important role in not only connecting people across America but in bridging cultures and helping unite the world. This is a role that few other industries or companies are capable of playing. Yet it’s this role – and responsibility – that has been the cornerstone of our great airline’s existence for nearly a century, and it is this shared purpose that will continue to drive us to bring the world closer together for years to come. 

Let me assure you that we are doing all we can to support those employees and customers impacted by these new regulations. Since United does not fly to any of the restricted countries, there has been minimal customer impact. However, we have been working closely with our employees at our hubs and international locations most likely to be impacted, as well as our customer contact centers to ensure they have the necessary support. For employees, this includes the availability of the airport security assistance desk, as well as refunds and other accommodations for affected customers. 

I’ve said it before and I continue to truly believe whatever may divide us as individuals is far, far outweighed by all that unites us as a people -- and that as a United family we must continue to display this same spirit of civility, cooperation and inclusion as we build the best airline in the world for our employees, customers and everyone we serve. 

With Deep Respect and Gratitude,


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