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PSA Airlines Dues Information

• Dues are owed each month you are active or the first 3 months of an unpaid leave of absence.
• If your dues are not deducted in full for each month you will be invoiced for the difference.
• The deductions that occur from your 5th and 20th paychecks each month apply to the month they are deducted Example: You received an invoice for       September $50, this means that you did not have deductions from your 9-5 & 9-20 paychecks.
• AFA does not deduct your dues, this is done by your payroll department
• Payments can be made online:
• If you have a question about your dues:

Example: If you receive an invoice that states you owe dues for April, you will need to review your April 5th and 20th paycheck to verify if dues were deducted.

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