Show Your Solidarity with Airline Catering Workers

Show Your Solidarity with Airline Catering Workers

(June 14, 2019) - More than 11,000 members of UNITE HERE working in the airline catering industry are taking strike votes this week! On June 11, workers led the largest strike vote in U.S. history for airline catering workers, with over 20 major airport hub cities participating to let the airlines know they’ll be ready to strike if and when released by the government.

Most of us never see airline catering worker in freezing factory kitchens assembling food carts, although we will sometimes meet those who drove the catering trucks on 100 degree tarmacs to deliver food and beverage supplies to our planes. We count on their work and our planes don't move unless the food they prepare and deliver makes it on board. Their conditions at work have a direct impact on our safety and security. The poverty wages and lousy health care they receive do little to recognize their importance to our multi billion-dollar industry.

Melinda JorgeAirline catering workers do much more than just cook first class meals. Just ask Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant and AFA-CWA leader Melinda Jorge how important airline food workers are to her work. 

"They are there doing a very physical job. They meet aircraft, they have to be to aircraft on time, they have to give you the correct supplies. If not, the aircraft doesn't go anywhere and nothing can stay on time."

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I stand with thousands of airline food workers organizing strike votes to show the airlines they'll be ready to strike when released by the Gov't. #1Job should be enough in the airline industry! #airportstrikealert #unitehere

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