Stand with Striking UAW Workers at GM

Stand with Striking UAW Workers at GM

September 19, 2019 — Over 50,000 GM workers at nearly 70 facilities in 19 states are on strike right now - standing up against corporate greed, outsourcing and a two-tiered employee system - and for job security and greater share of the profits they help create.

On Monday night, without warning, GM cancelled health insurance for the strikers and their families when it was supposed to continue through the end of the month. One family found out only when they arrived for cancer treatment for their child on Tuesday and couldn't get it. This has left members and their families unable to pay for insulin, and in one case a worker at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant woke up in a hospital bed after surgery to learn of the news. #ShameOnGM

Professor McCartin of Georgetown University states, "When GM says meeting UAW demands will cost too much, remember that it shelled out billions in recent years to pump up its stock prices. GM pocketed the post-recession gains and now demands that workers assume higher health costs and permatemp status."

AFA Flight Attendants stand in solidarity with United Auto Workers union members. Their fight is our fight and we stand with them. #StandWithUAW

Get on a picket line near you! 

We are hearing from Flight Attendants who have been on UAW picket lines this week.

One Flight Attendant wrote, "The feeling of solidarity is like walking on air. I want to help them and all they want to do is help us. Gives me all the feels."

TAKE ACTION: Send a Tweet of solidarity to our sisters and brothers at UAW. 

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