Striketober Has Arrived!

Striketober Has Arrived!

October 8, 2021 - AFA Piedmont Flight Attendants are in the middle of taking a strike vote – calling on American Airlines Group Management to get back to negotiate a fair contract. 

Show your support for AFA Piedmont Flight Attendants by signing this petition!

Piedmont Flight Attendants aren’t the only workers standing up. Across the country tens of thousands of workers are on strike or preparing for one—Striketober! Show your support for workers standing up for fair wages, protecting work rules, adequate staffing, and achieving security in retirement.

CWA - At 6 AM last Friday, more than 2,000 CWA healthcare workers at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, NY—part of the Catholic Health network—went on strike for safe staffing conditions. CWA members at 3 Catholic Health facilities are in negotiations for a new contract: Mercy Hospital, Kenmore Mercy, and St. Joe’s. Support CHS Workers United >

BCTGM - Kellogg workers are on strikes at cereal plants in Omaha, Nebraska; Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee, over wages, healthcare, holiday pay, vacation pay and reduced retirement benefits. This is the second major BCTGM strike this year, previously Nabisco workers won a new contract after a week on strike. Support BCTGM Kellogg Workers on Strike >

IATSE - 60,000 IATSE Members in TV and Film Production voted by 98% to authorize the first nationwide industry strike in 128 years, fighting for fair pay, adequate rest, and breaks. “This vote is about the quality of life as well as the health and safety of those who work in the film and television industry. Our people have basic human needs like time for meal breaks, adequate sleep, and a weekend. For those at the bottom of the pay scale, they deserve nothing less than a living wage.″ Tell AMPTP to Give Film and Television Workers a Fair Deal >

Mineworkers - 1,100 MineWorkers at WarriorMet in Alabama have been on strike for 7 months for a fair contract from a Wall Street-backed coal company. They’ve faced vehicular attacks and arrests for engaging in peaceful acts of protest. Through it all, they show no signs of breaking. Learn more about the strike and how you can support our UMWA sisters and brothers >

MNA - More than 700 nurses of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, went on strike March 8, 2021 for safer staffing and safer patient care conditions. They are still on strike! Why? Because Tenet Health, the corporation that runs their hospital, wants to permanently replace 109 of the striking nurses. They're not backing down. Stand with Massachusetts Nurses >

UAW - More than 10,000 John Deere workers went on strike after failing to reach a contract on October 14, 2021. Why? "Our members at John Deere strike for the ability to earn a decent living, retire with dignity and establish fair work rules," Chuck Browning, vice president and director of the UAW's Agricultural Implement Department, said in a statement. Learn more about the strike >

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