Supporting Our UAW Union Siblings on the Picket Line

Supporting Our UAW Union Siblings on the Picket Line

September 22, 2023 - After months of intense negotiations, UAW auto workers at the “Big 3” (Ford, Stellantis (Chrysler), and General Motors) have been forced to go on strike. Flight Attendants know all too well the challenge of negotiating with employers that refuse to bargain in good faith and agree to a contract that reflects what we’ve earned with our hard work.

UAW expanded its Stand Up Strike — CHAOS like — against General Motors and Stellantis at 38 locations across 20 states at noon today, bringing the total plants on strike to 41. UAW strategically expanded the strike at GM and Stellantis. Strikes at Ford were not expanded because progress was made at the negotiations table.

Join a picket line near you: Full list of locations here.

Here are some of UAW’s bargaining priorities and reasons for striking:

  • ELIMINATE TIERS – The Teamsters ended tiers at UPS. We’re ending them at the Big Three.
  • BIG WAGE INCREASES – UAW autoworkers are demanding double-digit pay raises. Big Three CEOs saw their pay spike 40% on average over the last four years. UAW members are worth the same and more.
  • MORE PAID TIME OFF TO BE WITH FAMILIES – UAW members are working 60, 70, even 80 hours a week just to make ends meet. That’s not living. It’s barely surviving and it needs to stop.

Support the strike virtually:

We have a lot to win together. Every industry is watching. Every corporate suite and board room is hoping labor won’t be strong enough to take our fair share. We have to prove them wrong.


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