Take Action to Stop the Shutdown

Take Action to Stop the Shutdown

January 15, 2019 — The government shutdown is in Day 25, with key safety programs stopped. TSA officers and air traffic controllers are coming to work to do their jobs, but they are not getting paid and the financial stress is piling up as we need these "essential" government employees focused on safety and security.

The system is stretched and capacity to screen passengers or safely direct airplanes is eroding. Already airlines have not been able to take delivery of new aircraft and routes have been cancelled. Delta's CEO stated the airline has already lost $25 million due to the shutdown. Watch the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) Paul Rinaldi describe the safety concerns >

During the shutdown, we are working in an environment that doesn't have all of the normal safety and security functions operating. As this continues, our jobs are in jeopardy too.

Call Congress now at 866-803-8830. The message is simple:

Pass the House bills, HR 21 and H. J. Res 1, and open the government. A debate about border security should take place while the government is open.

We're beginning to see the cumulative affects to our aviation system. Certain TSA checkpoints in Miami (MIA), Houston (IAH), Washington, DC (IAD), and Atlanta (ATL) have closed. Issues like understaffing and workers quitting will only get worse with time. Watch International President Sara Nelson talk with Richard Quest on these issues >

The whole industry is united in calling for an end to the Shutdown.

In an unprecedented unified message, AFA joined the entire airline industry in calling on the President and Congress to #StopTheShutdown. The letter cites serious concerns over safety, security, and workforce hardships. Read the entire letter > 

Again, every area of aviation is represented. "A4A" includes United, American, Southwest, FedEx, Alaska, JetBlue, and Hawaiian. "RAA" is all of the regional airlines. General aviation, cargo, drone operators, manufacturers, and unions.

Call Congress now at 866-803-8830!

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