Happy Thanksgiving, Aviation's First Responders!

Happy Thanksgiving, Aviation's First Responders!

November 23, 2022

Dear Flying Partners, friends and family,

First and foremost, thank you. This week, TSA estimated we’ll carry over 2 million passengers a day. That means you’re making it possible for tens of millions of Americans to come together with loved ones across the country. That is something to recognize and be thankful for. So thank you.

Many of us sacrifice our own holiday to ensure the safety and comfort of millions of passengers. Aviation's first responders do this job 365 days a year with professional grace, resiliency, and bravery.

We are grateful to share a common bond through an intimate understanding of what it means to be a safety professional, a first responder and the last line of defense – and through our common bond we also recognize each other as family. We remain ever vigilant to protect our family.

We are grateful and fortunate to have union jobs. We are grateful for the activists who came before us. They fought, struggled, went without, bled and even died for our rights. We continue the work in honor of them and for our children’s future.

We are grateful to the Delta and SkyWest Flight Attendants organizing to join our union and build power to make our careers better. And we are so proud to stand with our sister union, APFA, in building power for Flight Attendants in bargaining, legislation, and our standing as leaders, not only in the cabin, but also in our communities where we live and work.

We are grateful that we have the right to fight for what we believe in and to know that when we stand together with absolute conviction to achieve our goals we accomplish great things.

We are grateful for what this holiday represents. By joining together the unique qualities and skills each of us possesses, our community can experience peace and great blessings that spring from our collective hard work and respect for each other.

This Thanksgiving, we will personally give thanks for each and every one of you, and for the opportunity to lead our great Flight Attendant union into the future.

Whether you are flying, celebrating with family and friends, or have other plans, we send warm wishes to you and yours for a safe and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

With Gratitude and In Solidarity,

Sara Nelson, International President
Keturah Johnson, International Vice President
Dante Harris, International Secretary-Treasurer

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