Have you gotten your vaccine yet?

Back to the Skies, We're Immunized!

April 12, 2021 — Have you gotten your vaccine yet?

Since the first vaccines were approved, we’ve been advocating for Flight Attendants to be included with other essential workers in priority groups.

Will you take our quick vaccine survey to help us track access? No personal information will be shared from the survey.

States are ramping up to offer the vaccine to all adults by April 19 and meet President Biden’s goals. Multiple states have expanded access in the last week. We are keeping our afacwa.org/vaccine up to date with the latest information on access and Flight Attendant prioritization.

The CDC announced that it’s safe for fully vaccinated (and masked!) people to travel, and we’re already seeing significantly higher passenger volumes. As we work to make sure our planes stay safe, it’s important for us to know whether members are able to receive the vaccine.

Take our AFA Vaccine Survey and let us know if you scheduled an appointment.

Your responses will help us continue our advocacy and focus our efforts to ensure that Flight Attendants are able to receive the protection of the vaccines that we’re helping to transport on our flights.

In unity,

Sara Nelson
AFA International President

P.S. From the beginning, we said the PSP would help keep our certifications from lapsing and prevent a bottleneck when Americans were ready to travel again. The huge increase in ticket sales shows we were exactly right—had mass furloughs taken effect, airlines would not have the crews in place to meet demand. Your dedication and advocacy for the PSP over the past 13 months helped protect our jobs and now we’re seeing yet again how it helped save our industry and will help play a key role in restoring our economy. Let’s all get vaxxed and stay masked so we can keep our economic recovery. 

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