Building Flight Attendant Power: 2024 Election

Building Flight Attendant Power: 2024 Election

March 16, 2024 - Flight Attendants wield significant political influence when we, as a union, advocate for ourselves in Washington and across the country in our bases. There is nothing more powerful than hearing stories directly from aviation’s first responders. As our advocacy efforts continue, it's crucial to use the power of our vote to support candidates who are pro-labor and stand with Flight Attendants.

Members of Congress on this list have stood with us on the picket line fighting for record contracts to raise the standards for our career, supported our flying partners at Breeze, SkyWest, and Delta organizing to join our union, and pushed legislation to make our jobs safer and more secure.

Check your voter registration and ensure you are ready to vote in the primaries.

We know that many of you will be working away from home and your polling location on Election Day. To ensure your voice is heard, plan to vote by mail, early or by absentee ballot.

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