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AFA Members, Allies Gain Ground in Fight to #DenyNAI


AFA-CWA members have taken persistent action to oppose DOT approval of the Norwegian Air (NAI) application for a foreign air carrier permit, a scheme set to ultimately outsource our jobs. Thousands of AFA-CWA members have rallied in force for the #DenyNAI campaign, visiting your Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill, making phone calls, sending emails, Tweeting and spreading the word on Facebook.

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Bloomberg BNA Interviews AFA Intl. President Sara Nelson


Sara Nelson is the new president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, which represents 60,000 flight attendants, including 10,000 retirees, at 19 U.S. airlines. She became active in the union soon after becoming a flight attendant in 1996 at United Airlines and was its vice president from January 2011 until June 2014, when she assumed the presidency. As vice president, she led the AFA’s organizing efforts after the mergers of United and Continental Airlines and regional carriers Pinnacle Airlines, Mesaba Aviation and Colgan Air— now Endeavor Air—and the ‘‘no knives on planes’’ campaign to overturn a Transportation Security Administration decision to allow passengers to carry pocket knives.

Reproduced with permission from Daily Labor Report, 235 DLR C-1, 12/08/2014. Copyright  2014 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033)

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Airport security concerns ahead of busiest travel day


Steak knives with five-inch blades of serrated steel were being handed out by two swanky steakhouses at New York’s Kennedy Airport, past security checkpoints, with no apparent effort to keep passengers from carrying those knives onto airplanes.

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Take Action Today to Protect Our Jobs and Our Airlines!


AFA members are fanning out across Capitol Hill today, urging members of Congress to stop Norwegian Air International (NAI) from undercutting U.S. aviation workers’ jobs and our airlines by denying the NAI application for a foreign air carrier permit to fly in the United States.

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Hawaiian Airlines Celebrates 85 Years of Flying


Hawaiian Airlines first opened the aircraft cabin doors on November 11, 1929 as Inter-Island Airways, flying sightseeing tours of the islands. Within five years, the airline had introduced airmail and air cargo service to the Islands, followed by a string of other ‘firsts’.

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Flight Attendants Can Help Fight Against Human Trafficking – Take Action Now


Last year the highest governing body of our union, the AFA Board of Directors, unanimously passed a resolution committing to educate members on ways to end human trafficking and to partner with other transportation leaders to achieve our goal.

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Investigative Thriller: A Dark Reflection


Fact Not Fiction Films’ “A Dark Reflection,” which raises awareness about crew and passenger cabin air quality, will be released worldwide in 2015. Based on actual events, this Erin Brokovich-style investigative thriller tells a compelling story about cabin air quality and unravels what the airline industry knows about exposure to oil fumes inflight.

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